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The Third Section

The third section consists of writings which are intended to stimulate. No doubt over the forthcoming months this section will develop into an encyclopaedia of opinions and views on many diverse topics.  To this end I have great pleasure that Will Banyan has agreed to allow his writings to be published on this site – my thanks also go to the Nexus Magazine where many of the articles were first published.   

Will Banyan, BA (Hons) & Grad. Dip. (Information Science), is a writer specialising in the political economy of globalisation. He was worked for local and national governments as well as some international organisations, and the private sector. He has written extensively for Nexus Magazine, including six-part series on the Rockefellers and a four-part series on the Round Table. He has also been published in PARANOIA magazine (online). He is currently working on a revisionist history of the New World Order and an analysis of the anti-UN ideology behind the ‘War on Terror’.

Will Banyan can be contacted at
Our Occulted History: Do The Global Elite Conceal Ancient Aliens? Book review
The Invisible Man of the New World Order:  Raymond B. Fosdick (1883-1972)
A short history of the Round Table
Rockefeller Internationalism Part 1 - John D. Rockefeller Jr
Rockerfeller Internationalism Part 2 - The publicist Nelson Rockefeller (PDF file 195 KB)
The Proud Internationalist - David Rockefeller (pdf file)
Fabian, Fellow Traveller or Free Agent?
Nixon, Kissinger and the New World Order - a revisionist history
The Israel Lobby Conspiracy
The Illusion of Elite Unity    PDF version (352KB)
David Icke's irrelevant reptilians
The Quiet Globalist JOHN C. WHITEHEAD Part 1       (243kb pdf version) here
Corrections please - John Birch Society President Misinforms Readers
Check your sources The Problematic Brzezinski “Money Quotes”
Some Chutzpah! David Icke and the Tides Foundation
The Sin of Disbelief - David Icke vs "Forum Man"
The Rothschild Connection 2012
A lesson in whitewashing
Strange Case of the Rothschild ‘Straw Man’ - Facts, Fallacies Fantasies about Jewish Power
Correction Please! The Uses and Abuses of Carroll Quigley
The Revisionist Revises… James Perloff Discovers American Imperialism
THE BIG PICTURE - David Icke, Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster
The Professor's Progress Part 1 - The Rothschild Network and the Rise of Niall Ferguson
An Awkward Moment - How will David Icke handle the Russell Brand-Jemima Khan Hook-up?
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