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Race Relations Complaint against three Appeal Judges

Dr. Prim Singh, an Englishman of Indian origin, lodged a RR65 Questionnaire under the 1976 Race Relations Act, against three senior Scottish judges of the Inner House of the Court of Session. Since the Second World War, to many observers, Scotland is perceived to have become increasingly racist against the English – Dr. Singh is doubly unfortunate because he is an Englishman of Indian origin.

Instead of seeking to reduce racial prejudice, the Scottish legal system appears to promote prejudice – and within the Scottish legal system, the Scottish Bar (The Faculty of Advocates) and the Scottish judiciary appear to set a very poor example of racial harmony.

Below are copied the three RR65 questionnaires served on the noble Lords – Wheatley; Reed and Carloway – the content and the questions therein are self explanatory.

As an observation I have personally appeared before all three judges.

I found Lord Reed an impartial, intelligent and considerate judge – furthermore directly or indirectly; privately or publicly I know of no meaningful ill reports concerning him.

I found Lord Wheatley somewhat arrogant – he appears to believe he is a very superior person due to his birth right – I recently enquired as to his status with his fellows – the response is mixed, the fundamental problem appears that he thinks he is cleverer than his ability – apparently he does not like the English but mitigates his racial disdain by claiming that some of his friends are English.

When asked, an old friend and former advocate Mrs Eirlys Lloyd (previously Smith), thought Lord Wheatley may be a 'closet racist' – like Lord Curzon she said he believes himself to be a very superior person. That said, Lord Wheatley is a member of one of the Scottish legal dynasties which ensnare so much of Scottish justice.

I do not like Lord Carloway and since 1996 he definitely expresses personal distaste of me – I think his demeanour is that of the playground bully. I do not think he is a good judge – a view I understand which is shared not only with a number of his fellow senators but with many from the Scots Bar.

He had an association with Mr Andrew McNamara – once they knew each other quite well – McNamara claimed that, as Colin Sutherland Q.C., not only did Lord Carloway express severe prejudice against the English but he classified many people from the Indian sub-continent as 'khaki niggers'. This said – I know McNamara to be a liar – so his word should be doubted – but it is understood that others report racial slurs emanating from Lord Carloway.

If such overt racism is found to be true – I think he should be sacked from his judicial position.

Martin Frost

The 3 RR65 Questionnaires (as pdf files)
Lord Wheatley (239KB PDF)
Lord Reed (237KB PDF)
Lord Carloway (238KB PDF)

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