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Scottish Academic Press

The Scottish Academic Press (SAP) is one of Scotland 's oldest publishing companies. For many decades SAP promoted books and literature via the traditional method of the printed page.

For short run and academic publishing such traditional publishing without substantial underwriting is no longer economic.  Thus SAP has taken the decision to publish books primarily in an electronic format – downloadable books off our website in PDF format.

Our website is hosted on the website and our handling agent is Martin Frost Web Designs. SAP has implemented this policy upon cost and marketing grounds.

Martin Frost Web Designs
Office Address:  72 Howdenburn Court , Jedburgh, Scotland, TD8 6PX

E-mail address
Please correspond through our e-mail address.

Currently the website receives hundred of thousands of hits per month from academic or professional readers – SAP plans to benefit from these readers – while simultaneously recognising that SAP's prime function is to disseminate reliable copy at affordable prices – namely £2 pounds sterling or $4 US dollars per download (though due to finance transmission costs a minimum of five downloads is requested, though not at one time). 

Please note since SAP deals with people of good character the PDF files will be available for you to download and we will trust you to forward your remittance thereafter to Martin Frost Web Designs Limited as per the enclosed details. Furthermore, you aught to appreciate that 50% of the PDF charge is forwarded to the author and/or copyright owner of this intellectual property so please make prompt payment.

Your initial time-limited password to open the PDF files is martinfrostweb06 - Additional instructions will be sent on receipt of your payment

It is our intention over the forthcoming years to make available not only our vast collection of titles but any book of academic or Scottish interest.

Further downloadable books will appear here shortly
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The Courteous Courier

Edward Anderson
Christ Ascended
A study in the significance of the Ascension of Jesus Christ

Brian K. Donne
Arthur of Galloway
UPDATED - 3rd edition July 2009
J.E. Russell
Origins of the 'Forty-Five
and other papers relating to that rising
Edited by
Walter Biggar Blaikie
Farewell Miss Julie Logan
J.M. Barrie
Hugh MacDiarmid and the Russians
Peter McCarey
New Developments in Educational Assessment
H.D. Black &  W.B. Dockrell
Localising Strategies
regional traditions of ethnographic writing
Edited by
Richard Fardon
The Characterisation of Aeneas
C.J Mackie
Spartan Law
D.M. MacDowell
R.B. Stevenson
Beyond This Limit
Selected shorter fiction
Naomi Mitchison
Britain and The Sea
Future Dependence - Future Opportunities
Editor of Proceedings
Commander M.B.F. Ranken
The Golden Chain

Richard Tomlinson

SAP Service for authors

Should you wish your book or thesis to be published on this website please forward same in a word document form to along with two good references as to the writing and your authorship and a 250 word summary as to the content and purpose of your work.

Your book or thesis will be put to our editorial board and if accepted your references will then be taken up. Following satisfactory reference endorsement you will then be asked to provide £250 pounds sterling or $500 US dollars to defray the publishing costs onto this website. From each paid sale from the internet draw down you will receive one pound or two dollars – such payment to you will be made half yearly.

Please note academic work normally sells between 100 and 500 copies – thus please do not have any illusions that you are likely to receive vast sums. That said, you should expect to receive not only your outlay back but also a small return.

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