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Pakistan - ‘NGOs failed to improve women’s lot’

reported in Dawn

 About 350 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) working on women issues have contributed very little to improving the lot of the country’s women, Independent Bureau for Humanitarian Issues (IBHI) Director-General Ziaul Hassan Rizvi said on Monday.

He was speaking at the United Nations Information Centre at the launch of one of his organization’s publication titled Aurton Ki Hakook.

Criticizing the role of NGOs for bettering the conditions of women, he said most of these organizations did nothing except consume funds allocated for the oppressed and deprived women.

The first thing to be done for alleviating the condition of women of our country, he said, was to make them aware of their rights.

He said the condition of women was generally not good all over the world, including the civilized world, but it was worse in our country.

Mr Rizvi said the book would create awareness of the issue and let women of this country know what international treaties were in this regard.

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