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Frost’s Scottish Who's Who is a constantly changing dictionary featuring people and institutions of achievement and influence from all sections of Scottish society. It includes leading figures in politics, law, the churches, education, business and finance, the civil service and local government, science and medicine, the arts and sport. A typical entry contains full name, present occupation, date and place of birth, followed by details of family, education and career, publications, recreations and address.

For further information and to make an entry please contact:  whoswho@martinfrost.ws

Unlike other who’s who publications– this proposes to be different in major ways.

• It will cover both individuals and artificial bodies
• While this website will provide a summary both the reflected body and the reading public will be encouraged to add to the profile
• Entries where possible will be linked not only to other entries in the Who’s Who but other articles both on this global website and web at large.
• Where possible entries will be supplemented by graphics; video; podcast; and other audio visual means.

Here is a short presentation of the options for establishing your listing entry.

In the ‘Who’s Who’ section

What is published: Provided free by Martin Frost’s Former Website

What they say (i.e. the subjects own copy) the below charges

Provision of a link to client’s own website /or up to a 1,000 word insert inclusive of two graphics or photographs (approx four A4 pages):

For individuals and charities: £25.00 or $50 US dollars annually for original entry and each subsequent amendment (tax paid)

For corporate and artificial bodies: £50.00 or $100 US dollars annually for original entry and each subsequent amendment (tax paid).

For provision of audio/visuals please apply direct for quote.

What you say: (i.e. a third parties viewpoint – such as a lawyer’s client; a banker’s customer, a hotel guest) these entries are free but in the event of negative feedback such entry needs to be substantiated – for further details contact:  whoswho@martinfrost.ws

A Specimen Entry

The Right Hon Lord Johnston PC
(Last amended 2006-05-23)

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