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Court references A3321/08 and A3320/08

On 31st December 2008 writs were served on leading race advocates Professor Ian Truscott and Mr Brian Napier. It is believed that this is the first occasion in Scotland that such prominent lawyers have been called into the Sheriff Court to be publicly examined.

The writs [ excerpts below ] were issued by Dr Prim Singh who has a long and troublesome dispute with his past employers – Mr Napier represented Dr Singh while Professor Truscott represents Singh’s past employer – amongst other issues the papers lodged imply that these prominent lawyers may have conspired together both before and during the Singh employment litigation.

Noteworthy productions with the writs are:

The Transcript of Motion Heard: This is a literal rendition with notes of a motion before the Inner House of the Court of Session (Scotland’s highest civil court) in which Professor Truscott had improperly lodged a Racial Questionnaire and at which Professor Truscott is caught out lying on behalf of his client – it makes fascinating reading.

(Note: for many years Scottish Courts, unlike their European neighbours, have endeavoured not to provide court transcripts of proceedings – often it is said because the Scottish Court gerrymanders the justice meted out by an ‘old boys club’)

Summary History: This document relates the background to 2 July 2008, when due to questioning by Lord Hamilton (Scotland’s senior judge); Dr Singh first realised that he might have been racially discriminated against by Messer’s Napier QC and Truscott QC.  In summary from documentary, verbal, and hearsay evidence it appears that Messer’s Napier and Truscott may have colluded and may either individually or collectively racially discriminated against Dr Singh.

Other documents lodged are the RR65 Questionnaires and the responses thereto.

These cases will provide a historic ‘no-bars’ insight into the Scottish Legal Establishment.

Martin Frost
Panama 2008 12 31

Document links:-
The two writs (359 KB PDF)
The Transcript of Motion Heard
Summary History
The Two RR65’s

The Responses
Brian Napier's reply of 1st September 2008 (PDF)
Dr Singh's reply of 10th September 2008 to Brain Napier (PDF)
Ian Truscott's reply of 13th September 2008 (136 KB PDF)
Dr Singh's reply of 30th September 2008 to Ian Truscott (PDF)

Further details may be found in the below articles and the links they provide:
Dr. P. Singh questions the racial bias of Scotland’s highest court:
Jim Crow in Scotland
Bread and Circuses

Below are links to the two writs which were delivered
during Edinburgh's 2008 Hogmanay Celebrations

Writ against Brian Napier QC
Writ against Professor Ian Truscott  QC

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