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New car crash pictures released October 2nd 2007

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On Princess Diana’s Death

On Monday 2006-02-06, the Daily Express carried the article copied below entitled ‘Diana Death: Spies flashed laser beam at crash driver’. The article makes a good plot. It is an excellent fusion of truths and half truths – it is plausible – it could have happened that way and indeed there currently stands sufficient quasi evidence and motive to prompt a conviction.

Phtograph shows the wreckage of the car in which Princess Diana and Dodie al Fayad died

Quite simply – I believe it was an ‘accident’ (i.e. not planned nor pre-mediated by the British establishment or the Royal family). I understand there has been a cover up on certain matters such as Diana’s pregnancy but such cover is routinely applied in sensitive situations. I am informed that neither Prince Charles nor his sons were aware of Princess Diana’s condition – it seemed both privately and publicly prudent that such news was kept hidden.

The reasons why I believe the crash to have occurred ‘accidentally’ are:

a)Reliable and trustworthy sources told me so

b)The British did neither operate nor had a ‘wet jobber’ team in operation at that time.

c) Her death caught intelligence’s ‘sanctum’ off guard.

While discussing another royal death in ‘On Royal Nazis and the Scottish connection’ I wrote:

His Royal Highness The Prince George, Duke of Kent (George Edward Alexander Edmund von Wettin, later Windsor) (20 December 1902 - 25 August 1942) was the fourth son of King George V of the United Kingdom and Queen Mary. He was the father of the current Duke of Kent, Princess Alexandra, the Honourable Lady Ogilvy, and Prince Michael of Kent.’

‘The Duke of Kent was killed in a plane crash on active service in World War II at Eagles Rock near Dunbeath, Caithness, Scotland. His wife had given birth to their third child, Prince Michael of Kent, only six weeks earlier. He was initially buried in St. George's Chapel, Windsor, England: his remains were later moved to the royal burial ground, adjacent to Queen Victoria's mausoleum, at Frogmore, Windsor, England. He was succeeded as Duke of Kent by his elder son, Edward.’

I am criticised as to the lack of depth in this article so I now say:

In the first instance I gained much of my information from my late father G. A. F. Frost . He, as is explained elsewhere upon this site during the Second World, was an elite commando. Given time I will write more on his fascinating life.

The central issue of his wartime career was that he was Churchill’s assassin – namely he was employed in the covert removal of perceived troublesome characters –such being certain government ministers of the Irish Free State and a somewhat nasty Swede.

According to my father he was ordered by the late King and Churchill to remove Prince George (who my father was told was the figure head of an establishment plot to murder Churchill, the King, the Queen, and the two Princesses and replace same with Prince George and a number of infamous characters out of the Red Book)

The plan was then for the British Empire to join up with Hitler against the Russians; in turn Germany would make peace with the US and declare war on Japan. Such plan was well known to the Russians viz Prince George’s homosexual relations in particular with Anthony Blunt – a factor which explains why it was not until the actual defeat of Hitler in 1945 did Russia declare war on Japan.

Thus I hope my statements above will somewhat mollify the lack of specification criticism that prior commentary on the deaths’ of Prince George and Princess Diana has engendered.

Martin Frost

Taken from the Daily Express 2006-02-06
Diana Death: Spies flashed laser beam at crash driver

Photograph of the late Princess DianaPrincess Diana was assassinated by British spies using: a laser gun, say new witnesses. Detectives are investigating claims that intelligence officers pointed the laser into the eyes of her chauffeur Henri Paul. The hand-held device was activated as the Mercedes in which the royal party was travelling sped into the Pont de L’Alma tunnel in Paris, it is claimed.

Witnesses have given written statements which back up the James Bond-style theory. Two independent observers have stated that the beam was fired off by the pillion passenger on a motorbike.

It had followed the Mercedes into the tunnel before overtaking it. One witness reported seeing "an enormous radar-like flash of light’ in the tunnel.

Seconds later the Mercedes spun out of control before smashing into the 13th concrete pillar inside the tunnel. Diana, her lover Dodi Fayed and Mr Paul were killed. Diana's bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones suffered horrific injuries, but survived.

Security experts claim the technology was devised by British intelligence in a conspiracy to assassinate former Yugoslav president Slobodan Milosevic. The laser plot was revealed as sensational new evidence emerged in Paris that the Princess was pregnant when the tragedy happened.

Dozens of French medics are being re-interviewed after a senior member of staff at the hospital where Diana died came forward. Dodi's father, Harrods tycoon Mohamed Al Fayed, has always insisted the British establishment was behind an assassination. Mr Al Fayed believes the "accident" was arranged by senior royals and MI6 agents to prevent Diana embarrassing the Royal Family by having a child by a Muslim.

The new claims are being carefully examined by Operation Paget - the Diana inquiry led by former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens. He had hoped to conclude the two-year probe after interviewing Prince Charles as a final witness in December.

Now the investigation is likely to continue well into next year. The inquiry has already cost the British taxpayer more than £2million and the final bill is likely to rocket to close to £5million. Last week Lord Stevens insisted Mr Al Fayed had been right to raise concerns over the findings of the original French investigation which found the cause of the tragedy to be a straightforward road traffic accident. Sources close to Lord Stevens hinted his inquiry was set to reach a "sensational conclusion".

New leads began to emerge after Scotland Yard traced the movement of MI6 spies to Paris at the time of the crash in August 1997. Intelligence officers were questioned and a top-secret dossier has been compiled with their names, activities and whereabouts in the run-up to the tragedy.
Among them was former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson who told investigators that Henri Paul was a paid informant of Britain's overseas intelligence service. He also claimed agents posed as paparazzi photographers who were pursuing the royal party from the Ritz hotel. Mr Tomlinson revealed the "blinding flash" in the tunnel bore all the hallmarks of a secret service plot.

The light described by witnesses was too powerful to be mistaken for a photographer's flashgun. Mr Tomlinson told investigators the special technology had been devised to assassinate Serbian leader Milosevic who was seen as a huge threat to the stability of his region. Mr Tomlinson revealed he had been shown top-secret files which outlined the detailed plan to murder Milosevic in 1993. The plan was to fire off the "light gun" to blind the chauffeur of Milosevic's official limousine as it passed through a tunnel during a visit to Geneva.

Mr Tomlinson told investigators: "When I heard witnesses in Paris talk about a bright flash before Diana's car crash it made sense. A tunnel is a perfect place for an assassination, with fewer witnesses." He claimed agents would also have been equipped with special transmitters that can knock out a car's electronics at the press of a button and could even cause airbags to inflate. He said: "Imagine, the driver flying into the tunnel at 90mph, picking up speed as he dips down, inches from those central concrete pillars.

"Suddenly, the car dies as the electronics fail. A blinding flash of light is shot into the eyes. Then, the airbag blows up in his face. Instant disaster."

It may sound like the plot straight out of an Ian Fleming novel, but experts have confirmed that the technology described by Tomlinson does exist. It is believed agents are trained to use the devices at a secret training base in Britain. The light guns can also be used to bring down helicopters and light aircraft by dazzling pilots. SAS and other special forces officers use similar lights as weapons in surprise raids. The bizarre theory is given even more credence in the light of further evidence.

Police are trying to discover why Paul took the wrong route from the Ritz to Dodi's apartment. Dodi lived in the opposite direction and the Mercedes should never have entered the Alma tunnel. The driver could have turned back using a slip road before the tunnel. But an eyewitness claimed that route was blocked by a helmeted rider on an unmarked motorbike.

It is also claimed a white Fiat Uno, which clipped the Mercedes as it roared past moments before the crash, was driven by photographer James Andanson. The car was never found but Andanson later died in mysterious circumstances. It is alleged he set himself alight after his body was found in the wreckage of a burnt-out vehicle. But a French fireman who attended the scene, Christophe Pelat, has come forward to reveal Andanson appeared to have a bullet hole in his skull.

The French inquiry concluded that Henri Paul was drunk and speeding in a car he did not normally drive when he lost control. Blood tests, allegedly taken from Paul soon after he died, were central to their findings. Now Lord Stevens' team are "all but convinced" that the blood samples were tampered with.

Numerous new interviews include ones with MI6 agents who were known to have been operating in the French capital on the night of the tragedy. Some are believed to have had direct access to the bodies of Diana, Dodi and driver Paul.

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