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    Global confederation of 8 National Members

    Our growth trajectory has actually accelerated since our launch in 2006, and we have now passed our membership projection!

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Welcome To Global NKFX. Here's definitely the ideal starting place for you!

Introducing Global NKFX - International Services Investment Team

Global NKFX provides the infrastructure and strategic insights tailored for the capital-market opportunities of today and the expectations of tomorrow.

What Are You Looking?

  • MT4 Terminal


    The MetaTrader 4 terminal is a perfectly equipped traders workplace that allows to trade in the financial markets in laptop or desktop computer.

  • iOS Version


    The world's most popular Forex trading platform MetaTrader 4 is now available for iPhone and iPad.

  • Android Version


    Trade Forex is now available on your Android phone or tablet absolutely free of charge.

  • We own and operate 10 equities markets around the world, including the largest single liquidity pool for ASEAN equities. We offer several different market models in the Asia and efficient cross-border trading, settlement and membership through one integrated European platform.

We offer investing around the globe! see how we work >

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    Global NKFX provides trading and market services for the global financial markets. We support the entire lifecycle of a trade and provide compelling marketplace solutions.

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    Global NKFX guarantees excellent customer support, strict compliance with all trading terms and conditions and reliability, backed up by the latest state-of-the-art technology.

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    We operate 13 markets including three clearinghouses and five central depositories offering trading and market services across multiple asset classes.


Knowing that the best advice requires the best information, we have developed our own independent, in-depth market research practice. This year alone, we will interview more than 50,000 highly regarded financial services executives in more than 30 countries.

Our client base includes more than 250 leading banks and fund manager firms, plus the more than 50,000 corporations and institutions who, as participants in our research, are members of the Global NKFX Exchange.

Working in six offices on three continents, we meet the wide-ranging needs of our clients by covering every aspect of the global financial services industry—brokerage, fixed income, foreign exchange, derivatives, commodities, insurance and investment banking. Many of our clients come to us strictly for our proprietary data and content; others rely on us for professional consulting and advisory services that are grounded in our independent market research.

Like so many other great ideas at Global NKFX Associates, Global NKFX S.A.V.E was the creation of our Members. Knowing there is strength in numbers, they rallied other community-minded Members to support causes they believed in through volunteer and fundraising efforts.

Ever since, Global NKFX Associates has been doing more and more to make our corner of the world—as well as some far-off corners—better places for the people who live there.

Our mission

Since our founding, these qualities have characterized our business practices, and they will continue to guide us along the road ahead.

We believe that unique information is priceless currency. And when the buyers and sellers of financial services exchange information openly, markets gain efficiency and firms become more successful.

We see our role as the leading provider of market intelligence and consulting services to the financial services industry. We empower our Clients to improve customer experience, enhance operational performance and optimize development initiatives, which ultimately drive financial performance.

We have and will continue to supply independent and credible analysis and advice, always acting as principals in our market research studies and investing our capital to create ever-greater professional service value for our Clients.


  • Ignite Your Ambition


    Global NKFX empowers employees with the resources and opportunities they need most to chart their own course to a career of achievement, growth and endless possibilities.

  • The Share Leaders


    Global NKFX Share Leaders have been recognized by their clients as having either the biggest market share or market penetration among market participants

  • Product Demand Analysis


    The extensive market coverage and vast scope of our research enables Global NKFX Associates to monitor the purchasing power of the institutional buyers of financial securities.

Track The Markets

Our expertise lies in the application of active trading systems to both traditional and alternate asset classes – futures, shares, and volatility. We have developed a number of proprietary trading strategies and portfolios that provide investors with a diversified alternative to traditional buy-and-hold equity investments.

  • Efficient:

    We only trade liquid assets listed on stock or commodity exchanges, offering investors the most transparent and inexpensive way to gain exposure to a stock, fund or commodity.

  • Covernance:

    Drive transparency and trust to our employees, regulators and customers, while also balancing risks and opportunities.

  • Protective:

    Our systems can potentially offset reductions in the value of your portfolio when share prices are falling.

  • Contrarian:

    Our strategies tend to 'fade the crowd' i.e. we are buying when the majority are selling, and selling when the majority are buying.

Fund Investment Platform

Our trading platforms are core to our identity and support global equities, options, futures, fixed income, fx, commodities, derivatives and structured products.

  • Equities:

    We own and operate 8 equities markets around the world, we offer several different market models in the Asia and efficient cross-border trading, settlement and membership through one integrated European platform.

  • Fixed Income:

    Global NKFX provides one of the most liquid cash markets in the world as the central marketplace for fixed-income activities, with a wide range of product offerings from U.S. Treasury Securities to European equities, clearing and derivatives..

  • Commodities:

    Global NKFX Commodities offers efficient clearing and trading of a wide range of products, including power, natural gas and carbon emission markets, tanker and dry cargo freight, fuel oil, seafood derivatives, iron ore and electricity certificates.

  • Options & Futures:

    Global NKFX offers sophisticated and innovative functionality to market participants in the Asia and through our innovations in dividend futures, tailor-made combinations, algos and routing strategies.

Global NKFX Managed Shares / Futures

  • Futures Trading Systems

    Our managed futures investments give investors the opportunity to participate and potentially profit from fluctuations in stock indices, currencies, commodities and bonds. Investors are able to select from a wide range of trading systems diversified across different markets, time zones and holding periods –essential components need to maximise the consistency of returns.

  • Futures Investment Suitability

    Do you have exposure to an asset class that has the potential to make money when the sharemarket or property market is falling? Do you have exposure to an asset class that has the potential to profit in a recession? If you answered ‘no’ to the questions above, it’s important to consider incorporating one of our managed futures products into your portfolio. This type of investment has the potential to smooth long-term returns and reduce equity drawdowns during broad economic downturns.

  • Managed Share Porfolios

    The premise is simple, generate above average returns from superior stock selection. Our managed share portfolios invest in the United States share market using an actively managed approach – portfolios rebalance on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. The portfolios typically hold between 5 and 20 shares with each portfolio targeting a specific sector of the US market. We offer a range of portfolios from sector specific portfolios to portfolios targeting company capitalisation.

  • Shares Investment Suitability

    Global NKFX offers the opportunity for investors to obtain exposure to actively managed portfolios, without all the excessive fees charged by fund managers and financial planners.

Global NKFX Make Trade Your Way

No matter your trading style, Global NKFX can help you achieve your investment goals.

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    Online Trading

    Trade anywhere, anytime with our range of advanced trading platforms - desktop, tablet and mobile.
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    Trade Advisor

    Trading made simple. Get daily trade recommendations from Global NKFX’s team of professional traders.
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    Managed Accounts

    Diversify your investments with our range of managed futures systems and stock trading portfolios.