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BBC suspends CBI membership as Business for Scotland challenges broadcaster to come clean
Miliband in bid to seize left agenda from SNP
Oxford economist cautions against North Sea oil grab
Scotland's independent schools 'add £466m to economy'
MacAskill in U-turn on corroboration law change Scots based fighters intercept Russian Bears again Landowners reveal a £500m economic boost
Scots courts revamp 50 years overdue, says Gill
The Battle of St George's Day
Post-split Scots must have say on EU membership

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Friday 25th April 2014

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Recent items:
World news on 24th April 2014
Business news on 24th April 2014
Now its Scottish Universities that are quitting CBI Alistair Darling under pressure over poll predictions
Scots ‘are driven to vote Yes by Tory success’ Foreign states urged to help fight independence bid
RC cleric sued for £5m over pension fund shortfall Scottish pensions are safer within the UK - Brown
Referendum race on knife edge as No support slides Nuclear safety incidents at Clyde bases 'chilling'
Kirk faces crisis, as report warns empty pulpits Senior Tories back US plan for Trident if Scots vote Yes
Seven year old boy is set on fire in Aberdeen street Two firms leave CBI Scotland over No backing
World news on 23rd April 2014
Business news on 23rd April 2014
World news on 22nd April 2013
Business news on 22nd April 2013
Former Councillor stole £77,000 from pensioners Scots judges are to stop wearing their wigs and robes
'Comprehensive schools to blame for education failures' One in four baby boys in Glasgow won’t live to 65
Former NATO secretary hits back at his critics Outer Hebrides range trumps Trident - Salmond
World news on 21st April 2014
Business news on 21st April 2014
World news on 20th April 2014
Business news on 20th April 2014
World news on 19th April 2014 Business news on 19th April 2014
Independence battle lines drawn over nuclear weapons Funds lost as wealthy churches quit in new gay protest
Treatment developed to combat ALL flu epidemics? Refusing debt share is worth double the oil revenue
Scotch toasts victory over Australian fake whisky Jambos in limbo over creditors
World news on 18th April 2014 Business news on 18th April 2014
An appalling publicity stunt, and an insult to women too Alex Salmond inspires troops at last SNP conference
Scottish Universities slammed over zero-hours contracts Nigel Farage slams ‘false’ independence
Third of Scots have turned up at work drunk, drugged Scottish Councils waste £1million a year on junkets
World news on 17th April 2014 Business news on 17th April 2014
World news on 16th April 2014 Business news on 16th April 2014
No deal on Trident insists Scottish Office minister
Savers could pull £280 billion out of a separate Scotland Brothers made tartan a symbol of Scotland
SNP to empty coffers in Scottish independence fight SNP’s wind farm policy ‘completely out of control’
World news on 15th April 2014 Business news on 15th April 2014
World news on 14th April 2014 Business news on 14th April 2014
Swindling Labour MP must pay ex-manager £18k Independent Scotland face £23bn in debt repayments
Manhunt after woman dies in botched house raid Gangster refused US entry after Scottish police tip-off
Riddle as Russians arrest then free Vladimir Romanov Games organisers defiant despite Red Road outrage
World news on 13th April 2014 Business news on 13th April 2014
World news on 12th April 2014
Business news on 12th April 2014
Independence constitution 'will be based on US' Nurse 'had group sex with girl who was underage'
Worst UK welfare cuts will hit Scotland by 2016 Tax evaders face court action in crime blitz
Special team to fight illegal Glasgow 2014 immigration Jambos future remains uncertain
World news on 11th April 2014 Business news on 11th April 2014
Keeping the Union not as important as winning at Westminster - David Cameron
Labour Party Falkirk Inquiry Report leaked to the Guardian
Edinburgh man Muhammad Asghar sentenced to death in Pakistan for blasphemy
Scotland secession could lead to re-Balkanisation of Europe - George Robertson
Halt called to Scotland's controversial end-of-life patients regime
‘The UK must continue down the road to becoming a federal nation’
Scotland's Future - White Paper November 2013 (12.3MB PDF)
Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster - book review by Will Banyon
The Savile Affair - Did David Icke Really Blow the Whistle on Jimmy Savile?
A Lesson In Whitewashing - The Anti-Semitism of A.K. Chesterton's The New Unhappy Lords

Thought provoking stuff
Some Poems by Tomas Transtromer Economists fiddle with theory as world burns
Facebook hate speech against women? Does the Big Society come with fries?
Pity children condemned to the care carousel Can Women Count on the UK?
The Teenage Brain Snobbery is a virtue
Fukushima - Japan's nuclear power triumph Mammy Mammy there's a nuclear monster out there
Dame Nancy Rothwell moves into action Twelve and counting...but which ones are they?
Is the Journal of Immunology stonewalling? Custodial sentence next for B-P?
Silvia Bulfone Paus: it was Elena and Vadim and the journal editors should have caught us
ThePigford Shakedown Unnatural Selection

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